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There are no extra costs: our shipping information

Free Shipping within Ireland and United Kingdom

Don't worry about hidden and additional costs. Our Packages do include everything, even shipping. 

You will receive a tracking code as soon as the package is on the way. So you are always able to see where it is and when you can expect to receive it.

Free Shipping on all our products!

Please allow 1-2 days for your order to get ready for shippment.

It's not just about putting products into shipping boxes. We are checking your requirements, preconfigure your camera / cameras and test everything so you don't have to worry about anything. It is working, guaranteed!

Including the carrier time to deliver the package to your front door, it generally takes 2-6 days until you hold your Calving Camera in your hand.

Shipping times depend on the carrier and take about 1-3 days.

Our Calving Camera Packages

No matter if you have Broadband/Internet available at your shed or not. Our packages give you the flexibility for every situation.

PTZ Camera

The solution for every need: one camera covers the whole shed. Move the camera in every direction to get a view into every corner.
For convenience it is also possible to save redefined presets to move quickly through the whole calving area.
Comes with full 360 degrees  panning horizontally 
and 25x optical Zoom.

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PTZ Calving Camera

Use the Internet of a SIM card

Get a better connection by using an outdoor 4G Router. SIM Card is NOT included.

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Use Internet from up to 2km away

Avoid any monthly cost by simply using the internet connection of a house close by.

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View live footage on TV / Monitor

Use your TV or Monitor to see what is happening in the shed. Move the camera with distance control.

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All of our packages are complete: they contain everything you need to set up the system. After your order, we will contact you to find out the length of the cables needed. We care about your individual needs.

As Calving Camera Ireland we are supplying DIY farmers with reliable and easy-to-set-up systems that don't disappoint.

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